Aftershock Wiki

In AfterShock you are able to change almost all settings via console or config files. On this page you can find all new cvars introduced in AfterShock with a short explanation.

cvar default recommended description
s_ambient 1 0 0 will disable ambient sounds on the map. game sounds like footsteps or item pickups will be more hearable.
cg_ammoWarning 3 3 bitmask for low ammo warning:

1: Onscreen message

2: Sound

cg_autoaction 0 7 Bitmask to enable automatic record of demo, screenshot and statistic files. See also cg_autoaction
cg_autosnaps 1 1 1: The snaps value will be set to the sv_fps value on connect.
cg_brightItems 0 1 1: Enables brightitems (so far only bright weapons).
cg_chatBeep 1 1 Enables/disables chat beep.
cg_crosshairColor 7 Replaced for the old cvars cg_crosshairColorRed, cg_crosshairColorBlue, cg_crosshairColorGreen. Valid range: [0-9],[a-z], [A-Z]
cg_crosshairHitColor 1 1 Color of crosshair hitcolor if using cg_crosshairHitColorTime != 0
cg_crosshairHitColorTime 0 500 Time of cg_crosshairHitColor in msec.
cg_crosshairPulse 1 1 1: pulse on item collect

2: pulse on damage done

cg_crosshairSize 24 Accepts values for each weapon now. See also crosshair setup
cg_deadBodyColor 0x323232FF any dark color Color used for darken dead bodies if cg_deadBodyDarken is set to 1.
cg_deadBodyDarken 1 1

1: Dead bodies will appear in the color defined with cg_deadBodyColor.

cg_deathNoticeTime 3000
cg_deferPlayers 1 0

1: will force AfterShock to only load new player model/skins when you are fragged or look at scoreboard.

0: should load new player models/skins as soon as you or another player joins the server.

cg_drawRespawnTimer 1 1 1: Enables the item respawn timers.
cg_drawAccel 0 0 1: Displays the acceleration with a red / green bar
cg_drawAmmoWarning 1 1 1: Enables the ammo warning defined in cg_ammoWarning
cg_drawCrosshair 4 Accepts values for each weapon now. See also crosshair setup
cg_drawGun 3 3 Position of the gun in the hud:

0 : disabled

1 : right-handed

2 : left-handed

3 : centered

cg_enemyWeaponColor 0x00FF00FF Color of enemy weapon effects if cg_forceWeaponcolor is set. See also cg_forceWeaponColor
cg_drawItemPickups 7 7 bitmask to display item pickup. See also cg_drawItemPickups
cg_forceTeamModels 0 0

1: Enemy and team models are set to blue- and red team models. See also How to use brightskins.

cg_forceWeaponColor 0 1 or higher Bitmask to modify the weapon effect colors depending on your team (e.g. you can color the grenades with the value 1). See also cg_forceWeaponColor
cg_grenadeTrail 1 4 Different styles of grenade trail.
cg_grenadeTrailRadius 32 32 Defines the radius of the grenade trail



0 0 Position of the weapon in your view.
cg_hiRes 1 1 1 enables the high resolution charset. The ingame text will look much better.
cg_hitBeep 2 2 Set the hit sound. See also cg_hitBeep
cg_hud hud/default.cfg Path to custom hud. See also custom huds
cg_inverseTimer 0 0 1 will enable inverse timer of the match time.
cg_itemFX 7 7 Defines the item animation behaviour. See also cg_itemFX
cg_lightningImpact 0 0 Toggles the lightning gun ball at the end of the shaft.
cg_lightningstyle 0 0 Changes the lightning gun beam. See also cg_lightningstyle
cg_lgHitSfx 1 0 0: Disables the lightning gun hit sound (not the damage sound).
cg_lowHealthPercentile 0.25 0.25 Defines at which percentage the low health warning (blinking red values) starts.
cg_mapConfigs 0 1 1: The game will search for config files named as the current played map. See also How to use mapconfigs
cg_newRewards 1 1 1: Enables the display of the new rewards, which are introduced in AfterShock. Outdated cvar, will be deleted in the future.
cg_noAmmoChange 1 1 1: You cannot select empty weapons
cg_nokick 0 1

1 will disable the screenshaking on taking damage.

cg_nomip 0 511 Bitmask to disable the picmip on various shaders. See also cg_nomip
cg_oldScoreboard 0 0 1: Enables the default OpenArena scoreboard.
cg_particles 1 1 1: Enables the particle system used for weapon effect particles and teleporter particles.
cg_plasmaBallAlpha 255 100-255

Defines the opacity of the plasma-projectiles. Try lower values depending on your r_intensity.

cg_plasmaStyle ? ? Renamed cg_oldPlasma variable.
cg_plasmaTrail 0 0 1: Enables the trail of the plasma bells
cg_railStyle ? ? Renamed cg_oldRail variable.
cg_rocketStyle ? ? Renamed cg_oldRocket variable.
cg_rocketTrail 1 4 Different styles of rocket trails.
cg_rocketTrailRadius 64 64 Defines the radius of the rocket trail
cg_selfOnTeamOverlay 1 1 Enables/disables yourself on Team overlay
cg_simpleItems 0 1 Values != 0 enables simpleitems, values != 1 scales the simpleitems.
cg_smoke_SG 1 0 Enables/disables shotgun smoke after a shot.
cg_smoothFovChange 0
cg_teamChatBeep 1 1 Enables/disables teamchat beep.
cg_<team>model See also How to use brightskins
cg_<team><part>Color See also How to use brightskins
cg_teamWeaponColor 0xFFFFFFFF Color of team weapon effects if cg_forceWeaponcolor is set. See also cg_forceWeaponColor
cg_weaponBobbing 0 0 1 will enable the weapon swaying on movement.
cg_zoomFov 22.5 Accepts values for each weapon now. See also crosshair setup
cg_zoomScaling 1 1
cg_zoomToggle 0 0 1: toggles +zoom, no longer requiring players to hold the key down while zooming.