Aftershock Wiki

Elimination, also called Clan Arena ( CA ) is a team based gametype that can be played on most of the maps ( even CTF ones )


Elimination matches are played with 2 teams, red and blue, fighting each others, you are starting the match in one of those 2 teams.

Every player is spawning randomly on the map on the spawn points. The matches are played with a Winning Rounds limit. The first team reaching the rounds limit wins the match.

In CA, you are spawning with all the basic weapons ( from gauntlet to plasma gun ) and with a huge ammo stock for every weapons. Beside, you are spawning with 200 Health Points ( HP ) and 150 Armor Points.

In Elimination, the self damage is disabled, wich means you can rocket jump, fall from a high platform or take your own shots without being hurt.

There are not any items on the maps as you got every weapons and a lot of ammo.


Elimination is played by rounds. Every teams got a number of players ( usually from 1 player per teams to 5 players per teams ), and all the players are spawning at the same time on the map. At the spawning, the round didn't start yet, there is a time count of 5 seconds before the round really starts. During this countdown you can't shoot but you can move. When the countdown of 5 seconds is over, you can start shooting.

At every round, the rule is simple, you have to kill every enemies from the other team. The team with the last players alive wins the round. The rounds got a timelimit ( usually the rounds are finished before the timelimit ), and if ever at the end of the timelimit, both teams got the same number of players still alive, the team with the biggest Health Points stock wins