Aftershock Wiki

cg_forceWeaponColor is a bitmask to force the color of weapon trails / beams / projectiles:

value shader
1 Grenades
2 Grenade trail
4 Rocket trail
8 lightning gun / Shaft
16 Railgun trail
32 Plasma balls

Example: Set this value to 1 + 8 = 9 to force the color of grenades and shaft.

The color of the trails / projectiles are defined with the cvars:

  • cg_teamWeaponColor <hex color>
  • cg_enemyWeaponColor <hex color>

It is recommended to set cg_forceWeaponColor to 1 to force grenades.

The screenshots below shows forced grenades with team weapon color 0xED1F9DFF (pink) and enemy weapon color 0x00FF00FF (green) and a forced lightning gun beam (cg_lightningStyle 0 and team weapon color 0xFF00FFFF):