Aftershock Wiki

Free For All ( FFA ), also called Deathmatch is a basic gametype where you are playing on your own.


The matches are played either with a Fraglimit or a Timelimit ( usually Fraglimit ). The first player who reach the Fraglimit wins the match ( incase of a timelimit, the player with the most kills when the time is over wins the match ).

Every player is spawning on a spawn point of the map, you start with 125 HP ( Health Points ) and a Machine Gun with 100 ammo. You can get other weapons, armors and more health points by picking items wich are displayed all over the map.


On Aftershock, FFA matches are played usually with a fraglimit ( set to 30, 40 or 50, depends of the server )

The rules are simple, you have to kill every other player without getting killed yourself.

When you frag ( = kill ) a player, you earn 1 frag point, and if you kill yourself ( by shooting against walls, dying in lava or in water or falling from too high ) you loose 1 frag point.

When you get killed by another player, you spawn back almost immediatly after 1,7 seconds.

Items Timing[]

  • Weapons need 5 seconds to spawn back in FFA.
  • Health items need 35 seconds to spawn back in FFA.
  • Armor items need 25 seconds to spawn back in FFA.
  • Power-Ups items spawn every 2 minutes, the first Power-Up appears between 30 seconds and 1 minute after the game started.


When the match starts, you should hurry to pick up weapons and health/armor items so you can get an advantage on your opponents. Try to time the major items like Mega Health and Red Armor, and a good way to win is to time the Power-Ups, they are really powerfull, try not to miss them!

If you got killed, you spawn back only with a Machine Gun, don't try to fight other players who got weapons and a bigger health/armor stock than you, you have more chances to get killed.

You don't need to kill fully a player to get a frag point, it can be interesting to give the " last shot " on players low on health!


Online, when a FFA match starts, if you join after the start, you will have an handicap compared to the other players who were at the start ( because they might have do more kills ), but don't worry, you will be able to start fair on the next match!