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Brightskin is a special setting in AfterShock, which turns enemy and team models bright. This makes them easier to notice and thus makes it faster to react in a right way. It's also helpful to see enemies on really dark maps. Thanks to brightskins, you don't need to change your brightness settings to make effective kills.

To set the commands below, use console.

How to enable brightskins?[]

To make a use of this setting, you just have to set cg_forcemodel 1 (it should be set to 1 by default). Now you're ready to customize brightskins for your own preferences and aesthetic feel.

Customizing brightskins[]

First thing to set is enemy and team player models. You can force enemy model with cg_enemymodel and team model with cg_teammodel to a specified one. You can also set models per team (for red and blue team) when you're spectating a match with cg_blueteammodel and adequately cg_redteammodel. Allowed values for these cvars are: sarge/pm, skelebot/pm, smarine/pm and major/pm.

After this, you're able to set colors for 3 body parts: head, torso and legs.Use these commands to set your colors for each part of body:

cg_enemyHeadColor, cg_enemyTorsoColor, cg_enemyLegsColor for enemy player models

cg_teamHeadColor, cg_teamTorsoColor, cg_teamLegsColor for team player models.

Same goes to red/blue team player colors while spectating a match:

cg_redHeadColor, cg_redTorsoColor, cg_redLegsColor for red team and cg_blueHeadColor, cg_blueTorsoColor, cg_blueLegsColor for blue team.

How to fill cg_*Color cvars?[]

There are 3 ways to fill them. One is color name (yellow, etc.), second color token (^ plus digit/letter) and last is hexadecimal color. Read [insert "Colors" article link here] for detailed informations.


Here's the example config with short descriptions.

seta cg_forcemodel 1 // enabled enemy model forcing
seta cg_enemymodel smarine/pm // S-Marine model for enemies
seta cg_teammodel skelebot/pm // Skelebot model for team mates

// green enemy models
seta cg_enemyHeadColor 0x00FF00FF
seta cg_enemyTorsoColor 0x00FF00FF
seta cg_enemyLegsColor 0x00FF00FF

// pink team models
seta cg_enemyWeaponColor 0x00FF00FF
seta cg_teamHeadColor 0xED1F9DFF
seta cg_teamTorsoColor 0xED1F9DFF
seta cg_teamLegsColor 0xED1F9DFF
seta cg_teamWeaponColor 0xED1F9DFF

// S-Marine model for both red and blue team while spectating a match
seta cg_forceteammodel 0 // disables red/blue-team model forcing for teamgames
seta cg_blueteammodel smarine/pm
seta cg_redteammodel smarine/pm

// blue models for blue team
seta cg_blueHeadColor 0x0000FFFF
seta cg_blueTorsoColor 0x0000FFFF
seta cg_blueLegsColor 0x0000FFFF

// red models for red team
seta cg_redHeadColor 0xFF0000FF
seta cg_redTorsoColor 0xFF0000FF
seta cg_redLegsColor 0xFF0000FF

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