Aftershock Wiki
  • Custom hud:
    • The console command /hudedit works not with all hudelements and hudcommands. Example: color displays wrong values in the console (values like 12134566) . Setting a color value 1 will not work, you have to set it to 1.0 .
    • /saveHud will crash clients, which uses Windows. (The saving of the cfg works)
    • The selectionmarkers in WeaponList are no longer nomipped. (The old weaponbarstyles were nomipped)
  • Sound:
    • Selecting the mod from the mod menu will result in having no sounds (Windows specific bug ?)
      • Workaround: type /snd_restart in console after mod loading.
    • The stolen flag sound is missing from time to time. Not as important as it is in OpenArena, since AfterShock has a centerstring for flag taken / flag drop now.
  • Demo: Demo menu shows no files sometimes
  • Respawn timers: On some ctf maps the server crashes when respawn timers are allowed. Must have something to do with finding the flag-entities.
  • Hitscan bug: you can't hit someone with hitscan weapons (mg, sg, lg, rg), who is standing on your head.
  • Clan arena:
    • The team living count is set to 0 during the warm up, see also File:Shot0016.jpg . Setting the living count to the player in the team number would be better, to determine whether to set your status to ready or unready.
    • The 'last message' is a bit chaotic. Sometime it is missing at all, sometime it is shown at the beginning of the next round.
    • Grenades shot at the end of a round can hurt people in the following round
    • The weapon selection remains sometimes (not always) over two rounds. You are dying with shotgun, beginning the next with round rocket launcher. After the countdown time is up, shotgun is selected again
    • Sometimes the score of a player is resettet to 0 again during the game