Aftershock Wiki

Aftershock created some new Rewards for a better player experience, you can get them for doing something really special. You can get this Rewards:

Impressive Hit an opponent at least 2 times in a row with your railgun.
Excellent Frag two opponents in 2 seconds.
Humiliation Kill an opponent with your gauntlet.
Full shotgun Hit 100 % with your shotgun.
Item denied Kill an opponent who is going to pickup armor/mh/powerup.
Lightning gun accuracy Hit 20 lightning shots in a row.
Air grenade Hit someone with your grenade while he is in the air.
Air rocket Hit someone with your rocket while he is in the air.
Rocket + Rail Hit an oppenent with an Air Rocket then hit him with a Railshot afterwards.
Spawnkill Kill an opponent right after he spawned.

You can set cg_drawRewards 1 to see when you get new rewards :-)