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History of AfterShock[]

The work on AfterShock (formerly known as oaUnofficial) begun in May 2010. The Openarena clan league (OACL) just started in these weeks and the OACL team decided to use the Quake 3 mod E+ for their compititions. Using a closed source mod for a gpl'ed game (OpenArena) was for some of the members of the Evil community a not acceptable decision and so the idea of an open source mod for OpenArena arised in our minds, which can be used for competitive gaming.

We finally joined our forces with a_clown, who already had written some improvements for OpenArena and had a lot of more ideas up his sleeve. Since then the core team of AfterShock consists of a_clown and **HD, while a_clown is responsibly for coding-wise content and **HD for assets and writing the statistic tracker, which is used on the web page of AfterShock.

The development fell asleep during the months august to november, but we got back to work in december and updating the mod since then regulary. The player base begun to rise and the clan arena servers hosted by RN Networks running AfterShock were established untill today as one of the highest frequented servers of OpenArena.

Since modding OpenArena reaches some limits regarding optimizing respectively extending the game engine, the next step will be creating a standalone game. For this task we need some more contributors related almost any aspects of the game (code, models, textures, sounds, maps). The easiest way of getting involved is to come in our IRC channel #AfterShock on quakenet and coordinate our/your ideas and work. You will catch us regulary during the evening (GMT).


Main Developer[]

The main developers decide what will happen with AfterShock in the future and what features will find a way into the game.

Game Code Coordinator[]

2D-Art and Textures Coordinator[]

​Webpage Coordinator[]

Wiki Coordinator[]

List of all contributors[]

  • dayii
  • Toxicity
  • StrikerFred
  • jack_thompson
  • joki
  • jessicara