Aftershock Wiki

Team Deathmatch ( TDM ) is a team based version of FFA.


TDM matches are played with 2 teams, red and blue, fighting each others, you are starting the match in one of those 2 teams.

The winning team is the team who got the biggest score at the end of the match.

Everyone is spawning on the map with 125 HP ( Health Points ) and a Machine Gun with 50 ammo. Like in FFA, you can pick items and weapons wich are displayed all over the map.


On Aftershock, TDM matches are played with a 15 minutes timelimit. At the end of the 15 minutes, the team with the highest score wins the match.

When you got killed by another player, you are spawning back after a delay of 1,7 seconds.

If at the end of the 15 minutes, both teams got the same score, there is an overtime of 120 seconds added, at the end of the overtime, the team with the highest score wins, if both teams are again at the same score, another overtime is added and so on until there is a winner.

You earn 1 point everytime you kill an enemy and you loose 1 point when you kill yourself or when you kill one of your teammate.

In TDM, friendly fire is turned on, so if you are shooting to one of your teammate, he will take damages.

Items Timing[]

  • Weapons need 15 seconds to spawn back in TDM ( be carefull, it is longer than usual! )
  • Health items need 35 seconds to spawn back in TDM
  • Armor items need 25 seconds to spawn back in TDM
  • Power-Ups spawn back every 2 minutes, the first Power-Up appears between 30 seconds and 1 minute after the match started.


Team Deathmatch, as you can read it in the name is a Team gametype, so one of the main thing is not about taking care only of yourself but also of your teammate!

Weapons spawn back timing is different than the other gametypes, it is longer, so weapons are much more precious! Beside, you only spawn with 50 ammo for Machine Gun, so you can't expect to kill 3 enemies with that!

One of the first most important thing is TDM is the weapons control, if you got weapons, you are much stronger, but you also need to think about your teammate and you might sometimes not pick all the weapons and let a few to your teammates. Beside you have to take care of ammo as always as it might go down really fast if you are shooting a bit too much.

Like in most of the gametypes, major items like Mega Health, Red Armor, Yellow Armor and Gold Health are really important, and you should try to time them!

Power-Ups are also really important as they give you a real advantage, timing those Power-Ups to pick them is one way to win!

And as this is a Team gametype, don't forget that you are stronger when you are not alone, try to play all together and you will win for sure!


TDM isn't an easy gametype because of the few changes especially in items timing, and it needs thinking and team skills if you want to play it well, however it is really interesting and brings new interests to Deathmatch gametype.