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The texture replacement project is meant to replace all Quake 3 textures with gplv2 licenced textures. The current status is 5,7 percent of all textures are replaced (Feb. 2011). At the moment i am working on this on my own (**HD), so they will be probably released some day in 2015.

To pull out this release date, this section is meant to document all work done so far, to encourage people help me finishing this project. A complete, high quality texture replacement set should be useful for others games using gplv2 for their content as well, such as OpenArena or q3rally, so maybe joining the forces of each project is a good idea.

Information for contributors[]

As AfterShock uses the gplv2 licence for its assets, there are some things contributors have to have in mind. Gplv2 is a quite uncommon licence for artwork (and it is not meant for artwork) and there are not much photo ressources around the internet avaible. A good starting point is gpl.imageafter. Public domain and CC0 licenced image sources are okay as well. Some other aspects:

  • Document your work, which means basicly document the use of photo ressources.
  • Do not use image ressources with unclear licences: This means all photos, where you don't have the rights to redistribute them (e.g. aren't compatible with gplv2. Do not use textures licenced under "Do whatever you want with this texture", this is not a proper licence.
  • Uploading of all sources used for the texture: photo sources and the .psd respectively .xcf files
  • Work modular: Most textures can be replaced by using a modular principle for your textures. Backgrounds can be used on many textures. It is the same for metal trims, borders, tech assets, cables et cetera. To organize this work, i have created the page Texture module list
  • The texture replacement uses 2x the size of its original textures. The common texture size of Quake 3 textures is 256x256, hence we are working with 512x512 sized textures.

However, if you don't want to replace old textures but yet want to include your work into AfterShock, you can work on new texture sets, which can be used for new maps:

  • Sticking to the 512x512 size is not necessary, it is not the top priority. We begun the work in the Texture replacement with 512x512 and shall stick to it. But new texture sets can be done as well in 256x256 (the fact is: Most custom texture sets for Quake 3 done in 256x256 are looking better than OpenArena's 512x512 textures, so size is not that important)
  • Create complete sets with all needed assets: Floors, ceilings, walls, wall trims, lights et cetera. This will result probably in about 40-50 textures ?
  • Possible settings we have in our mind: urban setting (See also lvlworld: ct3dm4), two different sci-fi settings (one bright and neat setting, the other dark with a lot of rust, dirt and grunge.

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