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Maps. A difficult topic, since AfterShock doesn't have any active mappers yet. I could start working on new maps, but before that, i would like to invent a cloning machine.

Some ideas about maps: Before going standalone i would like to have at least:

  • 1 duel map
  • 2 CTF maps
  • 1 FFA map, which can be used for TDM as well.
  • 2 CA maps

Makes overall 6 maps. Two possible solutions for it: Using gpl'ed maps like OpenArena does, or creating new maps. A_clown and me would like to go the second way, but without mappers it won't be possible. The next two topics are splitted in remakes and new maps.

see Mapping[]



A gpl'ed custom q3 map made by R.P.G., which is also included in OA: lvlworld: rpg2dm2.


  • A cheap way of getting a gpl'ed map.
  • Looks quite neat with the original textures.


  • Retexturizing the gpl'ed map file would result in some work on creating new textures for it, maybe this can be combined with the new texture sets mentioned in Texture replacement.
  • Map lacks connectivity (at least with vq3 physics), so it is not a real solution for a serious duel map.
  • IMO to small for FFA, no TDM possible on this map
  • The ra in the water should be replaced. Replacing the water with slime and adding a grate is maybe a good solution.

Listing all pro's and contra's makes me feel we shouldn't touch this map.


A gpl map made for nexuiz, if i remember correct.


  • Included in almost every gpl'ed game, is played much in OA
  • A cheap way of getting a gpl'ed map.


  • Included in almost every gpl'ed game
  • No ra, 3 ya (...). Not sure why this map is played this much, maybe because of the lack of good gpl'ed duel maps.

I would tend to do not include it, since it is in all other games as well.


A gpl'ed custom map for q3 made by spirit, which is better known as oa_spirit3.


  • A cheap way of getting a gpl'ed map.
  • I would like it, if the changes mentioned below are done


  • Optimized for cpm physics. The small water pool in the corridor has to be done shorter and the flag room should be altered. CPM maps tend to put the flag in a for vq3 physics unsuitable position.
  • Needs new textures, thus remaking this map needs a lot of work.

I am not sure, if it is worth it to put all the work into this map.


Gpl'ed map by lunaran: Link . Not as impressive as Pull up your socks, but still a try worth.


  • A cheap way of getting a gpl'ed map.
  • Would be suitable for small FFA games (3-4 players)



Gpl'ed map by lunaran: Link .


  • A good remake could raise the prestige of this game among the q3 community.
  • Should i realy point out, what the pro's of this map are ? Though: map lacks a lot of connectivity if played in vq3 physics.


  • A bad remake will definitiv shrink the prestige of this game among the q3 community.
  • Thus this map needs good textures, at least of the quality lunaran did.
  • There were already some objections from the community to do not touch this map, as it is somewhat the holy grail of cpma

New maps[]