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Tournament, also called Duel or Tourney is a 2 players gametype.


Tournament matches are played with 2 players fighting each other, the winner is the player who got the biggest score at the end of the match.

The 2 opponents are spawning on the map with 125 HP ( Health Points ) and a Machine Gun with 100 ammo. Like in FFA, you can pick items and weapons wich are displayed all over the map.


On Aftershock, the Tournament matches are played with a 10 mins timelimit. At the end of the 10 mins, the player with the biggest score wins the match. You earn 1 point when you kill the opponent and you loose 1 point when you kill yourself.

When you got killed, you are spawning back with a delay of 1,7 seconds.

At the end of the 10 minutes, the player with the highest score wins the match. If both players got the same score, an overtime of 120 seconds is added, and at the end of the overtime, the player with the highest score wins the match, although if both players are still at the same score, another overtime is added and so on until there is a winner.

Items Timing[]

  • Weapons need 5 seconds to spawn back in Duel
  • Health items need 35 seconds to spawn back in Duel
  • Armor items need 25 seconds to spawn back in Duel


In Tournament, one of the most important thing is the Items timing, you are just 2 on the maps, if you pick more health and armor items than your opponent, you got more chances to kill him in a fight.

Take a special care to time the major items like Mega Health and Red Armor, but also " smaller " items who can be really usefull like Yellow Armor and Gold Health ( giving 50 Health Points ).

So having a control on the items is a good advantage, but you shouldn't forget to pickup weapons and to watch out for the ammo! If you run out of ammo when you're fighting your opponent you might loose.

If you don't have a real control on the items, or if you just got killed and spawn back without a big health stock and without weapons, you should avoid some real close fights because you got a real disadvantage, and you should try to focus on getting weapons and picking some items to be able to fight in a more " fair " way!


Tournament is not an easy gametype because you can only count on yourself and got only 1 opponent. It can be frustrating if you are playing with some players who got more experience or are more skilled because then it is really hard to get kills and you might loose quite hard. If you start Tournament, you should first try to ask some experienced players to teach you a bit, or try to play with some players who are starting it too. Don't give up at your first try because you loose a match, as everything, Duel needs practice and patience!